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An Online Course

At your pace • At your convenience • With our team to guide you along the way



A Computer/Laptop

The software we'll be using works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
We recommend a system with a minimum of 4GB Ram. 2GB will work but will be quite annoyingly slow for some operations

A Mouse

It will be difficult working without a mouse. Try to get one before classes begin

Data (Bandwidth)

We've made sure everything is compressed.
The final size for everything you'll be doing in this course is ~3GB


Though the course was PERFECT last year, we've decided to make it even better


The course materials have been refreshed and updated to meet todays standard. We can't let you use outdated tutorials, plus we too have learned new things since the course was originally made, and we're excited to share these updates with you


The learning part is practically guaranteed. You're going to learn 3D (whether you like it or not xD). So we've decided to vamp up the Experience

We understand it can be hard making meaningful new relationships as we grow older. So this year, asides just Blending with your classmates (creating 3D stuff), you're going to be playing co-operative games to help with social bonding. The journey is always more exciting with friends

This Year we plan to play Games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and possibly some casual collaborative mobile games including Chess for people without Gaming PC's


Imagine going into a classroom and seeing everybody in the class watching Moana (a Disney movie). You'd be like... 'are these people even serious at all?'

Yes they are! and that's your class!

We won't be watching Moana together but we'll be having sessions where we will watch really cool videos/animated shorts together to help guide your creative thinking

There are many incredible animations out there and we're going to show you what makes them so amazing so you can apply that thinking to your creations

Course Outline

How it's Gonna Go Down

1st - 5th June

Introduction | The Basics

We're going to put you through the basics of 3D. We'll be working primarily with Blender. Before this date we will go through the installations of all the software you'll be using. You'll master the interface, learn to manipulate objects, add materials, lights, and navigate 3D space.


We'll guide you through the process of creating objects in 3D. Everything you create will be composed into a cute looking livingRoom.

7th - 15th June

17th - 23rd June


We'll show you how to bring life to objects in 3D using a few Animation tools and techniques. We'll also step into Character Animation where you'll learn a simple character walk cycle.


You'll definitely want to show people what you've done at the end. So at this stage you're going to learn how to properly render out your animations as Images and Videos so you can blow up the gram, lol.

25th - 29th June


The Lounge

This is a unique bonus area we've crafted specially for you. You can access it at any time for fun to re-energize your learning enthusiasm. You'll learn a series of tips and tricks and cool stuff in 3D such as Fluid Simulations, Smoke Simulations, LipSyncing (Making Characters Talk), and lots more. This area is outside the curriculum of a beginners course, but with what you'll learn here; when you combine them with the other things, we know for sure you will get really creative and we can't wait to see the results


The platform will still be accessible for you to catch up on or go over anything you may have missed. You will have time for exercises, practise, interaction, and further development

Till December 31st

Why Learn with Xane?

  1. Experience
    We have over 13 years of experience in 3D graphics and Animation. We've worked with a good number of clients who can all testify how seriously we take customer satisfaction. Almost all our 3D products have been featured as staff picks on the BlenderMarket which gives a hint as to the quality of things we put out. We are strongly recognised in a number of 3D communities on Facebook and Instagram.
    Lessons are strategically organised in order to whizz you past all the mistakes that get people stuck when learning on their own

  2. We'll take care of you
    We leave a gap of one day between each lesson so you can spend a day practicing on your own and also ask us any questions should you get stuck at any point. The process is also fun and interactive. After the course you will still be given access for a long time and will be part of a private group where we will monitor your progress, interact, and even provide exercises and possibly opportunities

  3. Best Value Ever... Literally... For Real...
    We've packed so much into this introductory course all to ensure you come out proud of yourself and happy enough to give a heart warming review. 3D Animation is not only fun, but also quite rewarding. With this skill you can provide value to companies within and outside your country. The skill is hard to find in many countries. Opportunities are so many that we try to limit what we post because at certain times we don't feel like receiving certain jobs or they are not in line with the type of companies we're looking for

  4. Online... Wherever and at your convenience
    We launched online so you can learn from the comfort of your home. Your location will no longer deprive you access to the world of 3D. You also have close to a year's extra access to a XaneGraphics Resource Group where we'll monitor your progress and from time to time provide resources and even possibly opportunities

A Few Testimonials

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    Lol, no. The classes aren't live. You'll watch the videos on our platform anytime you like after we release them. Our team is in the interactive group on standby 24/7 if you need any assistance :)

    For people with Gaming PC's we plan to play free popular games like Overwatch, Fortnite, among others. We also plan to play co-operative mobile games for those without gaming PC's

    After Registration, you'll receive a welcome email from our team that comes with the Software installation. After that you will eventually be added to a non-crowded whatsapp group with your classmates and our team on standby for classes to commence June 1st.

    No. Although we would recommend children at least above 7 or 8, but these days kids are quite surprising, lol.
    There were some really amazing kids in the last session.

    Nope. You only pay once and then let us take care of you


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